Recent diagnosis

I’ve been diagnosed with T2 Gleason 8 prostate cancer and been given options of surgery in June or hormone treatment till Sept then 20 sessions of EBT followed up with hormone treatment for 2 years. 
Robotic assisted prostatectomy has drawbacks of possible incontinence which bothers me. But the other treatments cover a prolonged timescale and may be less effective?
I am otherwise fit and active. I want to know how effective these treatments are to make a choice. 

What are people’s experiences?

  • Hi  and welcome to the forum. When diagnosed in October 2018, I was T3A N0 M0 with a Gleason score of 4+5=9 and a PSA of 15. I was also offered the same two options for treatment. Being also very active I was concerned about the possibility of stress incontinence when exercising and chose to go down the HT/RT route. I had Prostap injections for three years and 20 sessions of RT in Feb/Mar 2019. By the start of the RT my PSA had dropped to 0.4 and dropped again to 0.1 by the end of RT. Three months later my PSA was undetectable and has stayed there ever since. It's almost a year since my last Prostap injection.

    I did have some side effects from the HT, but they were manageable, and it took a few months to get back to full fitness after the RT finished. I will be 75 in August and swim a mile a couple of times a week, do as much coastal rowing as the wind and tides allow and walk 20 or 30 miles a month. So the HT/ RT worked for me.

    Good luck with your chosen treatment and please come back with any questions as somebody here will have experience of any problems.

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    • Thanks for that, Seamus. Very informative. Anyone who chose surgery care to share experiences?
    • Is it more effective  in removing the cancer? 
  • I wonder if anyone in a similar position chose surgery? What were your experiences? How effective was it? Why did you choose that treatment? What timescale are you on? 

  • Hi Cody

    Always a difficult one.  Surgery and RT offer roughly the same success rates although RT is a longer treatment especially if on HT as well.

    Surgery can produce ED and urinary issues but nor every one will have these .

    Try and do much research online before making your choice and hopefully someone will come on who has had the op.

    I chose RT by the way, no issues 5 years later.

    good luck


  • Thanks Steve. Very helpful.