56 year old husband diagnosed with prostate cancer

Hi everyone, so bit different as community arranged for one of these pop up voluntary PSA testing centres in November last year so my sister’s and I thought it would be a good idea to book husband’s in (ages ranging from 56 to 59) No symptoms what so ever so shocked when my husband’s results came back with reading of 7.9. The last two months he’s had two DRE’s, an MRI and finally biopsy on 4th Jan. Results now confirmed as Gleason score 7 (3 & 4), T2 possibly a T3a, N0, M0 so luckily caught early. He’s been offered two choices radiotherapy or radical prostatectomy. On Monday we spoke to Oncologist re Brachytherapy who actually thinks radical prostatectomy is more advisable for his circumstances, due to age and good health/fitness. Husband was actually swaying towards Brachytherapy before this meeting and now head spinning a bit. Radical prostatectomy all seems a bit scary. Hoping maybe anyone can help with sharing their experiences of surgery and the dreaded side effects, especially being incontinent and erectile dysfunction. 
Thanks for reading x

  • Hi Live Happy… I love your name!

    Well done you for getting your men in for the checks. I have no doubt you have saved his life! He is early enough to be looking at a cure I believe. Although I don’t comment on treatments unless we have actually experienced the ones being discussed. I’m in the group for my husband who was diagnosed stage 4 advanced metastatic prostate cancer in October 21. He is doing great on Hormone Therapy really but not curable. Visit my profile if you like.

    Yes it’s a lot to take in looking at all the treatments but the men here are great and will offer genuine life experience which will help you both. 

    I will be following… so all the best,


  • Hi . I’m currently in hospital in France , having had a robotic RP yesterday morning . I had similar numbers to your husband , but am 69  , though quite fit ,and had a Gleason 4+3 . Not much pain , and eating and drinking . They did a nerve sparing procedure .

    Obviously , it’s early days , but so far , so good . I think it’s a horrible choice to make . I wanted if possible a surgical cure without radiotherapy or hormones , and at my age the risks of impotence and incontinence worry me less . I’ll update this to let you know how things go

    Because they have the beds , they’re keeping me here till the catheter comes out - otherwise I feel well enough to go home . Best wishes. Bill

  • Hi Louli, 

    thank you for your reply. Yes I like to think that someone was definitely looking down on us to make us book those appointments because who knows where we’d be in a few years time. We have been told that they are looking at curative treatment so all quite promising so far. 

    I am so sorry to read about your husbands diagnosis but sounds like the hormone treatment is working well. Wishing you the best possible outcome. 

  • Hi LH 

    I think that if the person is quite young, which your OH obviously is, they suggest surgery as he presumably has many years left and apparently one issue with Radiotherapy/brachytherapy is that tumours can re emerge years later.

    Mind u they can come back with surgery as well.

    So I was 63 when I went for Radiotherapy  in 2017, everything ok so 

     far, if it ever comes back I'll worry about it then 

    Look at all the potential side effects  from each treatment before making a decision.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Bill, 

    well first of all thank you so much for answering, especially as you are still recuperating from surgery! Sounds like you are doing extremely well. 
    As they were also looking at curative treatment for my husband I assume that’s why they’ve discouraged us from radiotherapy. I guess once we’ve had a conversation with the surgeon in two weeks things will be a little clearer. 
    I wish you a speedy recovery and please keep us updated on your progress. 
    Take care x

  • Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. 
    Yes I guess we have to listen to what the doctors advise. Obviously the most important thing is survival. 
    Pleased that your treatment has kept the cancer at bay. 
    Take care x

  • Hi, I had Robotic Radical Prostectomy 2 weeks ago today, I’m 57. As far as the side effects go, I obviously don’t know yet ! My op went well, I was in hospital for 2 nights, haven’t had much pain, just sore, where the staples are/were, ( I had them removed yesterday and it was painless). The worst part is having the catheter in, it’s annoying more than anything and a little uncomfortable at times. ( I’m having it removed tomorrow and can’t wait). I got tired easily for the first week but feel good now. I’ve also had a sort of ache inside where my prostate was, more annoying than hurting, I’ve had blood & clots in my catheter bag a few times, but it’s nothing to worry about. When you go toilet for a number 2, you dribble out of your Willy a bit, but not a lot, my wife got me some mens Tena pants, which are really comfortable and hold the catheter pipe in a comfortable position. I would get some to take in hospital with you as I had their pads which move all over the place in your pants lol. Up to now my Willy looks about an inch shorter too ! Overall it’s not too bad an experience to go through and I consider it worth it, to have gotten rid of the cancer. I’ll keep you posted as to what I’m like once the catheter is removed and any other side effects, if your interested. Cheers Dave

  • I had same numbers as your husband by the way

  • I think radiotherapy ( with hormone antagonists ) is as curative as surgery . In a localised tumour , such as your husband has , the 15 year cancer mortality is very low if either treatment is carried out properly .So the two are regarded as equivalent in outcomes . I think that’s what makes the decision so difficult. 56 is very young to risk becoming impotent ( although the radiotherapy and anti androgens can do the same damage as the surgery , though lesss often ) . I still don’t know if I did the right thing , but how will you ever know ? All you can do is what you’re doing - listen to people then follow the ones you trust . Bill

  • Hi Dave, thanks for your reply, this gives us a really great insight of what to expect. You mentioned you had the same results as my husband, did they also sway you towards surgery as apposed to the radiotherapy route? 

    So please that the surgery went well and you are making a good recovery.