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Hi I’m new here, my sister has pancreatic cancer and lesions on her liver, she is 48, awaiting chemo, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I don’t know what to expect to be honest so I would really appreciate any help and advice anyone can offer to help her through all this, thanks in advance Sparkling heart

  • Hi  and welcome to our community.

    I am sure you will have already seen our pages on pancreatic cancer and they hopefully can give you a fair overview of what might be ahead at least in the short term.

    Many of us here find the time between diagnosis and treatment to be really difficult as we hear the message about getting treatment as soon as possible - the good news of course is your sister is on the right path now.

    There are a range of emotions we go through when our loved one has cancer, if we look at Your feelings when someone has cancer I know I recognized a lot of what I went through. What I found was that recognizing the emotions and accepting them could help to make them feel less overwhelming. 

    In Oxford they give us a card with the number of the ward on and especially noting that monitoring temperature is important in case an infection takes hold. We had a couple of brief stays in hospital through Janice's treatment.



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  • Thankyou for your reply, we’re awaiting chemo now and am hoping she’ll be ok whilst having the treatment, there are so many side effects Flushed she is managing her pain with morphine but it’s causing constipation, with that comes more pain, they are trying new meds for this but it’s making her not want to eat and we need her stronger for the chemo…it feels like one thing sorts something but causes another, it’s a vicious circle x

  • How about trying some fortisips? My husband took those for quite a while. X

  • Hi thanks for your reply, I’ve never heard of these what are they? She’s currently on picosulphate, they’ve given her another one but I can’t recall the name but it’s giving her tummy pain. 

  • They are a vitamin drink, everything needed incase you don’t eat properly. They kept the weight on my hubby while he was on chemo. Ask the dr to provide some on prescription x

  • Hi, thankyou I will have a look at these, much appreciated x