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Hi , 

i found out today that a CT scan had found cancer in the pancreas and lesions on the liver . I am only 42 and a mother . Can anyone offer support ? I am terrified xxxx

  • Hi kayte, I’m so sorry to hear this. You are right to reach out on here, it’s helped me with my husbands Pancreatic cancer. You will be frightened, it’s into the unknown, but if you need to ask any of us please reach out someone will always be there to help you as best they can. Be brave and positive from day one, we have found it has helped keep my husband going. Sue x

  • Thanks So much , i am hoping for a something help me last longer with some qualtity of life . How is your husband doing ? 

  • My hubby had some chemo for a year, his tumour marker went from 3,300 to 78 with the chemp. He’s a lot older than you so I’d like to think the same can be done for you if not more. He’s ok, just on palliative care now. X

  • Hello.

    Sorry to hear your news. I’m 49 years and was diagnosed in July 2023. I am a mother of 2 teens. I have been on chemo since August. My tumours have all shrunk. 
    I would be so happy to answer any questions if it would be of any help. 
    Sending love x 

  • Hi , so sorry you to are suffering. This is an awful disease . I prey your tumours continue to shrink . My next step is a biopsy of one of the liver tumours to identify the exact cancer then plan from there . They mentioned my liver enzyme level is so high that ot may not tolerate chemo . It feels like endless waiting 2 weeks for this and then another 2 weeks for next bit . Was this your experience ? Its so lonely and frightEning and i dont want to get worse with all the waiting . Thank. You xxxxx

  • If I’m honest the beginning is a bit of a blur- shock I think. I did have wildly abnormal liver function ( ALT and bilirubin likely others )  and I was completely yellow with jaundice but all of it did settle down relatively quickly, in fact probably over a few weeks. 

    Waiting is hard. I do believe they would not make you wait to the detriment of your health. The literature out there is so scary too, BUT, remember all figures are a bit old and therefor don’t reflect the now. I’m my consultants youngest ever patient. I’m hoping age is also on my side as with you.

    I hope you pain is settling or at the very least manageable? Good luck with the biopsy, 

    sending love x 

  • May I ask how old you are ?  

  • Hello 

    Sorry delay. I’m 49 years old, diagnosed at 48 years. How are you doing?