CEA raised

Hi all, Have just been informed today by my GP that my CEA has risen ie Pancreas . Very confused at the moment as to what this means. Have to get more blood tests next week to see if it has improved . Have recently just got over the sickness bug .Please Help me understand what is going on,ManyThanks. Minerva x

  • Hello Minerva

    This is one of the measures used to judge the state of the pancreas. The medics and you will have a better understanding once b;ood tests are done.


  • Hi All ,G.P. has today fast tracked me for a CT scan regards ,Pancreatic and  bowel CEA markers being raised.To say I am not worried at the moment would be an understatement,So please forgive me. Do not feel like eating at this moment,hopefully it will pass as the day goes on.I think it is the not knowing that is making me worse, Who knows ? Take Care x Minerva.

  • Hello Minerva,

    Don't worry about not feeling like eating. You are bound to be anxious. Let us know how you get on.