Hi, I'm so scared

Dear all, my sister (60) was being treated for a urine infection.

When I dropped in on her last week (Tues)  she was very fevered.  I took her to casualty.  They found lesions on her liver, after her ct scan we were told yesterday afternoon it was cancer but was contained.  Then, last night a very curt doctor told us it had spread tot  he liver  from the pancreas or bile duct.  The lesions are too large to be cut out and it's terminal.  I'm absolutely in shock and terrified at the thought of losing my big sister.  I also had to go home and tell my 87 yo mum about her baby. .

  • I'm sorry to hear that, and sorry to hear the doctor was curt - they can be very blunt. It is such a sudden diagnosis, it's a huge shock. 

    It's very scary. My partner had a similar diagnosis path, having been perfectly well before. He has now seen the oncologist and starts palliative chemo tomorrow (fingers crossed) which should extend his life (again, fingers crossed).

    It must have been very difficult telling your mum.

    What I am finding useful at the moment is keeping a diary, once I have written something down it rattles around my head less, and I can get some of the difficult feelings out.

    There's lots of nice people here who you can share your worries with. And remember to take care of yourself as well!