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I'm Amanda and I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on the 6th April 2022.

My hematologist retired nearly 2 weeks ago and a letter I had off him with my last appointment with him he stated that I was at the point now to be starting treatment.  

The referral he put as *urgent*. I rang up just to see if my referral had been sent, I was told it had, today I got told that all patients needing to be referred to a new hematologist were being taken care of. So was my letter sent as I was told? Or is it still being dealt with.

I know myself as there are patients worse off than myself and they will need to be seen before me. 

However my husband, who's first wife died of cancer, is getting frustrated and I think scared that the same is gonna happen to me. 

Anyone else on here in the same situation?

  • Hi  and welcome to this corner of the Community although I am always sorry to see folks joining us. I noticed that your post had not received a reply yet so thought I would drop in past.

    I am Mike and I help out around our various blood cancer groups. I don’t have Myeloma but was diagnosed in 1999 with a rare, incurable but treatable type of Skin NHL (CTCL) Stage 4a so although my blood cancer ‘type’ is different I know the journey rather well.

    I changed Consultants a few times over my 23 years due to retirement but found the system handled the handover well. 

    If you have no letter on Monday you just call again, sometimes you have to keep your pointy elbows in the doors of the system.


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