can anyone help with what I should be wearing now in sun?

I have bought sun sense for the face and ultra for the body.  Also bought some maxi skirts and t-shirts but these don't cover full arms.  also need to invest in some hats but not sure what material they have to be and if I need to buy ones with built-in protection.

Was maybe thinking kimono style tops or thin cardigans for top, can anyone help with materials etc

Do we now have to stay out sun between peak times or will these measures be enough

Nicer weather is approaching and I am a bit scared to go out in it.

Any advice greatly appreciated

  • I’m in Greece ATM. 27 degrees and VH UV.. I’m wearing factor 50, 5 star rated sun screen, long sleeves and trousers when able and an SPF 50 hat. Also shade hopping! It’s beautiful here and we’re having a lovely time. Enjoy the Sun sensibly and don’t be afraid to go out in it. Life is for living! Solbari do some good hats!

  • Solbari are very good and Wallaroo hats are also good. It's surprising how many clothing manufacturers do SPF products. Rohan do quite a lot but you have to check out the individual garment description.

    As Adele B said don't be frightened just take care. I garden and cycle a lot and just wear the appropriate clothing even if some of my cycling stuff looks a bit eccentric. SPF 50 sun screen is important and I reapply every 2 hours or so when I'm out riding on a club run. Enjoy life just take care

  • Thanks Lynskey  I have ordered a hat from wallaroohats - just need to sort sleeves now for upper half 

  • I ordered UV sleeves from solbari to wear under short sleeve tops and they are great. They come in different colours too

    1. Great tips, folks, cheers.
  • Hats: Fortunately, I love wearing hats, and have five at the moment: two clothe hats with a wide brim which really does the job of protecting the face and back of neck; one black surf hat with flap for ears when playing sports (I don't wear it surfing but it is great for the urban environment and looks cool walking around town); a really nice printed silk one; one broad brimmed straw hat which was a really good investment a couple of years ago and is very 'Sophia Loren'.

    Suntan lotion: Someone once said, 'the best type of suntan lotion is the type that you put on' which I tend to agree with! I have splashed out on some factor 50 SPF and 5 star sunscreen with wide spectrum to cover UVA and UVB rays having said that.  I need to replace it soon, when I get paid from work this month.  I go for the chemical ones that absorb the rays and not the mineral ones that block.  I also spent a fortune on one for the face this year, which is really lightweight and seems to give good protection (as I don't tan when I wear it and never burn).  Due to the cost of sunscreens generally and the amount that you need to use (2 x tablespoons per application) I tend to cover up with clothes, anything long sleeve and long / maxi length for legs. As maxi dresses came back into fashion, it is easier to find them nowadays, especially with online shopping.

    It is particularly important not to forget the ears ... as they stick out.

    Also, to wear sun glasses with correct EU UVA / UVB filters as people often don't apply suncreen around the eye lids and bags well.

    I do find myself avoiding the sun midday in the summer, if I can, but I do not let that stop me from going out to run an errand if I have to.  

    I try to enjoy the outdoors but just be 'sun safe' and 'sun sensible'.

    :-) xxx

  • Very wise recommendations, Chamomile, thanks.

    My Really Useful hats are little cotton ones from the children’s section of M&S.  I gave up searching, because adults’ are invariable too big, whatever style.  I did find pretty straw trilbys in Next & Asda, but not sure now if they suit.

    An extra tip for everyone is that M&S Women occasionally have hats @ 50%UV-proof.

    Kind regards.

  • The other option is the rash top which is nice if you can find them with long sleeve.  As they are made of polyester/spandex, the surf brands market them as UPF 50 plus and they do look cool!.  But good ole M&S, can't go wrong, and you have reminded me that I need to pop along and look for some leggings! x

  • Hi Dan,

    I was diagnosed Stage 3 in 2020 and am now full remission, cancer free as of last week. I live in Texas and work outside where we have recently had 20+ 100 degree plus days of sunshine in a row that hit you like a hammer and are unbearable. Not unusual here. I wear 100spf sunscreen on exposed skin, long-sleeve  spf-50 rated shirts and a hat with a skirt that covers my neck (rated spf-50). You can buy spf-50 rated clothing online easily. So far it is working for me, and if it works here.....well, I think it would work anywhere. All the best to you. The sun is not our friend as we are 10x more likely to develop melanoma after we have been diagnosed the first time. Be careful always.