New to hear

Hi I'm new to this site, 

I had a mole removed January which came back as stage 1a, a couple if weeks later I had a deeper wider excision which came back all clear,

But since the op I have developed loads of dark moles which started on my chest and back and have now spread to other parts of my body,

In March I had 2 of these new moles removed as a precaution,  on Tuesday I had the news I wasn't expecting to hear that those moles are also cancer, 

I'm struggling to digest this news, I am now waiting for a pet ct scan and start treatment,  how do I cope with the waiting and diagnosis, I keep feeling lost,  sick and don't know what to do

  • I have just found out I have stage 3 and do not have a plan in place yet as I am waiting to see a plastic surgeon and waiting for CT scan.  The not knowing is awful, one minute I forget and think things are normal then I get that feeling like I have been kicked in gut and it all comes back.  I am off work and dont want to face anyone.

  • hi Dan73 I am sorry to hear your diagnosis, The waiting is the hardest thing and not knowing what is happening,

    I had my call today to book my pet ct scan for friday ithen they will stage my cancer, i was stage 1a in january

    that feeling of when it hits you and you remember whats happening in your life knocks you for six, family and friends keep saying you2ll be fine your young, your fit you"ll be oktry not to worry really does not help,

    hope you get a plan in place soon and get to see your plastic surgeon soon. please keep in touch through this site were all here for each other at this difficult time xx

  • That is really tough. I really understand what you say about feeling things are normal then the tiniest of thoughts or something on the tv gives you that fear and butterflies and whole body reaction. I'm off work as well now after WLE and SLNB and waiting for the biopsy results. Hoping it stays at stage 2 but feel like I need to prepare for stage 3. Waiting to find out is not a lot of fun! I don't really want to face people , but I have found it useful to talk to people I trust and to come onto this forum so I don't feel like I'm bottling up and facing it on my own. I hope you get a plan soon so that you know where you're headed. 

    Sending love.

  • How did you find WLE and SLNB as I suspect that is what I will be getting?  I hope your results come back quickly as the waiting around plays tricks with your mind.   I think I will enjoy talking on here as it has opened my eyes to what could be ahead and gives me a glimmer of hope.

    I get what you said about TV, I am also finding that I am listening to every word of songs on the radio when dropping my daughter at school in the morning.  I have had to turn it off a few times as the slightest thing makes my eyes fill up and my mind starts to wander.  

    That's another thing I have only told my older daughters and have still to tell my 10-year-old.  Didn't want to frighten her before I know what I am facing.  The thought of her little face makes me so sad as it will break her heart Disappointed

    Keeping everything crossed for you.

  • me too, i got the aweful news last week and was not prepared for it, one minute i feel normal then it hits me that my life is now out of my hands.  i am so impatient and want things done yesterday. so far the only app i have is a consultation next week with my plastic surgeon, things are not moving fast enough

  • I'm exactly the same things are not moving quick enough, I have my pet ct scan Friday but have to wait until June 28th to see oncologist,  5 weeks wait feels like a life time already waited 8 weeks for biopsy results, my life feels like its out of my control

  • It's times like this I wish I had private medical insurance.  Good luck with your scan, hope all goes well.  I walked just under 23 miles last month in Kiltalk and did it in a faster time than any of previous years, now, every mark on my body or pain and I panic.  mind over matter and all that   

  • You should still be on track, Puppy.  It can happen at relatively short notice.  Like the rest of the NHS they are working hard to catch/keep up.

    Thanks for your good wishes, much appreciated.  For future reference, the PET is easier than an MRI, in that the machine is more like a big thick polo-mint than a tunnel, and although lengthy is also quieter.  I was worried, but it was easy.  And after fasting, a coffee & sandwich sure tasted good!

    Hope you hear soon.  All the best. I 

  • WLE was fine. Done at the same time as SLNB. It's the SLNB that is the major bit. I get why it's the bit that needs the general anesthetic. If that's what you're going to get then it's a few days of hospital appointments, I had what I'm assuming was a cancellation appointment so it was all a bit rushed. Phone call to see if I could make it on the Wednesday. Hospital appointment for bloods on the Friday. In for Nuclear Medicine scans on the Tuesday. Surgery on the Wednesday. In at 7am for the surgery. In to surgery at around 10am. Back on ward around 12 (timings a bit wobbly as I was a bit woozy). Picked up at 2pm. WLE on back has been no problem really. Similar to first op to remove initial lesion. SLNB at front of armpit/chest has been much sorer but getting better now. A bit of swilling/fluid build up still (2 weeks post op) but getting there and all healing up well. Dressings off now. Just waiting for biopsy results.

    Our children are older (19 and 21) but still trying not to worry them with constant discussions of cancer. They know I had a mole removed. They know it needed further surgery. And they know I still make terrible jokes.

    I've spoken to various people and am genuinely hopeful that, even if biopsy comes back positive, there are pretty good treatments now available that weren't around a few years ago. So going down the positive thinking route. Mostly.

    Fingers crossed that everything works out ok for you too. 

  • Thank you for this post.  Best wishes to you indeed.  But, please, what is an SLNB?