Groin lymph node removal

So I had my follow up after ct scan last Friday and needle biopsy of groin swelling has confirmed melanoma. Previous tracing prior to my slnb showed it only went to one lymph node, which is the one I had removed when I had WLE. Completely devastated.  I now have to wait for surgery to remove lymph nodes in groin. I've been told it's holiday time so might be delays so I'm left frightened that this is going to spread further whilst I'm waiting.

Also scared about the surgery, it sounds pretty major. I'm 47 and very active I do a lot of running and walking so worried about the side effects after and if I'll still be able to do this.

Can anyone tell me their experiences? Also sounds like a daft question but what clothing do I need to get to wear, that will work well with the drain and for coming home. I've been trying to find some high waist knicker shorts, as advised by the nurse, but can't find any that look like they won't rub where the scar might be....xx 

  • Having had the same op, last Aug, I am feeling glad that I had it, the drain isn't in for long, and is easy to manage, I wore skirts and high leg knickers if you know what I mean! I am 85 years old, am though I have been left with lymphadaema I'm getting about well.  It did take me a while to feel my old self, but im,a lot older .good luck you'll be okay I'm sure x

  • Hi. I had full groin dissection in March and like you was really worried. The surgery was much better than I thought. I had 2 drains in for about 2 weeks. I managed to wear joggers and got some high waist knicker shorts from M&S online only which were comfortable around my groin with no seams. My recovery was about 6 weeks before I could drive and the dressings came off. I have been left with lymphoedema which shocked me but am now managing well.

    14 weeks on and I am back to my normal active self and going for walks. And back to yoga. I have had my 1st cycle of immunotherapy and so far all is good.

    Good Luck I’m sure all will go well. You can’t be any more scared than I was but it was all ok. X

  • Hi Jac14

    Had a mole (source) removed Sept last yr, then the Lymph node dissection Feb this yr (another melanoma mass found). After the Op struggled with movement for a few weeks, problems with the drain etc.

    Fast forward now, clear CT scan after op, on targeted medication with a few side effects. Leg did swell up with Lymphedema at first but has now settled back to a small increase, compression clothing a huge hit and regular exercise (walking, never liked running).

    Clear of the cancer today, taking my life back and getting on track.

    Stay positive, you can do it x


  • Hi Betful, thank you for your reply. Good to know you're getting on OK. I've just had pre op assessment appointment through for this week so hopefully surgery will be soon after that. X

  • Hi Darlife, great that you're getting back on track. Preop assessment this week and hopefully not too long til surgery then. I'll be on targeted meds once I've recovered from surgery. I've just found out I have the BRAF mutation so I think I have choice of treatment? But I'll think about that once surgery is over x

  • Hi Dicksie, it's such a worrying time I'll feel better once I get a date I hope. I've found some pants online at m&s so they're on order! Good to know you're still keeping active. That's a major thing for me for my mental health. Plus don't have a car so rely a lot on my legs!