Have been offered this treatment

Anybodies experience would be welcome

  • Hi Streat. I was diagnosed Stage 3 advanced melanoma in April, 2020 after a nodular melanoma was removed from my shoulder. Lymph node removal/ testing confirmed the spread and a subsequent PET-scan revealed small tumors in the left lung. My oncologist started me on the Keytruda immunotherapy regimen. Tumors disappeared after 3-6 months and infusions continued for 6 more months. Two more PET-scans and 3 CT-scans later  my oncologist declared me cancer-free and in complete remission (just yesterday).

    The side effects of the treatment were very minimal for me. Itchy skin and bouts of Keytruda-induced colitis. Irritating but very manageable. It worked for me. I made a special point to eat extremely healthy meals and exercise for an hour daily

    I wish you the best of luck with your treatment. There are lots of immunotherapy success stories out there.

  • Thanks David your comments have been very helpful. I am usually good with side effects so fingers crossed. I am 85 and in pretty good health generally.

    Thans again for your reply


  • Hi  thanks for sharing your positive story! Great to hear a good news story. 

  • Lovely to hear a positive story x