Thinking of booking a week away as something to look to and wondering what other peoples experiences are of travelling abroad ie do the consultants frown on it or encourage you, obtaining insurance, any dos or donts TIA.

  • Hi Bubs, go for it and have a lovely time. 

    If you are on any active treatment it is best to check with your oncologist, but no reason why you couldn’t go. 

    Have a look in the Travel insurance forum for cancer patients for travel insurance advise x 


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  • As Chellesimo says, check out the travel iinsurance forum - however I would also suggest you check availability of travel insurance and cost before you book a holiday to ensure you can get suitable insurance cover at the right price for you before you commit.

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  • Hi, sorry not to have responded. My current insurance (through the bank) have said I am covered for a holiday booked before diagnosis so thats good. Struggling to find new insurance and only quote so far is £1226 for one week in Tenerife !!

  • Hiya bubs I searched around for travel insurance some quotes were either ridiculous or just to cheap as you get what you pay for. I've got SCLC incurable but being managed on chemo tablet. I managed to get insurance with allclear? £700 for 2 weeks in Greece. You may think this is still expensive but this included other medical conditions aswell. My wife who is all OK got insured for £22 by same company. 

  • Hello muffin break I'm also small cell, may I ask what treatment you are and how long you have been managed on it  I'm also on chemo tablet it's called Topotecan many thanks 

  • Hi, no its mostly nsclc, so us with sclc have the most aggresive lung cancer, i was given 6 to 8 months 13 months ago, my treatment was concomitant chemo, cisplatin and etoposide, this was for 4 cycles and the 2nd cycle radiotherapy, twice a day, it was hard, but shrunk the tumor, i know i will never be cured so its just buying more time, it has had an effect on my body, but still here, grandchild due end of nov so want to hang on