SCLC St 4 sore skin


is anyone able to recommend any creams for very sore, red, tender skin on head and face?  Assuming it’s from the chemo 

  • Hi

    When I started my chemo for SCLC one on he chemo nurses recommended Udderly Smooth (with Urea).  You can get it on the well known on-lining shopping company. However I have just looked on the Udderly Smooth website and they now do an Oncology Care package.   I was luckky and didn't get the dry skin so gave my cream to someone who  did.

    Worth a try?

    Kegsy x

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  • Hi Kegsey

    I haven’t had problems with skin but a friend recommended Rescue Remedy Cream when I started treatment in case I encountered problems. She used it when getting Radiotherapy. I know not the same thing but maybe worth a try.

    Good luck