Immunotherapy - Durvalumab

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm 48 years old and  was diagnosed with NSCLC Adenocarcinoma stage 111b in October of last year. I have completed 4 circles of Chemotherapy and 31 sessions of Radiotherapy which has resulted in some shrinkage. I'm due to start immunotherapy - Durvalumad  next Thursday. I'm just wondering If anyone else have/are having this type of drug and the responses they have had? Also, what type of side effects I could expect. Many thanks..

  • Hi

    Sorry you have had to join the group,but   you are most welcome.

    I have to say i have not heard of this immunotherapy i hope others have and can advise you.

    I am on immunotherapy but Pembrolizumab, and it is much easier than having chemo i must say.

    Hope some one can answer your questions.

    Take Care Ellie xx

  • Hi Ellie, 

    Thank you so much for your reply. I think that it's also known as Infinzi? 

    I'm glad to hear that you have found immunotherapy easier to cope with regarding side affects than chemo. I too am hoping for the same.

    Take care  xx

  • Update...

    Received first immunotherapy of Durvalumab on Thursday. No side effects so far apart from increased tiredness. 

  • Hi my husband is 62 and was diagnosed with Stage 3b in October 2017 had 2 cycles chemo and 32 radiotherapy sessions. He started durvalumab in January and has had 5 treatments so far. Review CT showed 50% reduction in tumour size so positive results. Side effects have been tiredness, psoriasis (which he had before his diagnosis) some chest pain, cough but not all at once and all minimal compared to chemo. It's all very new and different but I think he has managed really well and its day-to-day thing sometimes feeling really good and others not so good but he has this another 9 months.

    Hope that helps

  • Hello Hartij 

    Thank you so much for sharing your husband's experience of Duvalumab. I'm not aware of many that have been prescribed this particular drug so it's was very reassuring to read your post.

    I know that this treatment does not work for everyone so a 50% reduction is fantastic. I hope your husband continues to have positive results. 

    Very best wishes..

  • Thanks and yes we hope it continues. Good luck with your treatmenT and keep in touch with how you get on as you say this is a new drug and its really helpful to know how other people are managing.

    Lots of luck and fingers crossed for great things 


  • Hi are you still in this group. Thanks

  • Sadly I no longer add to this group and need to leave. My husband died 20 months ago, hope all is well with you

  • I was hoping to find out how she got on but she has left the group, I’m on this treatment got stage 3 nsclc spread to centre of chest and had 3 cycles of chemo 30 sessions of radiotherapy, now on Immunotherapy for a year till April 2022 latest scan shows tumour shrinking and they are happy fo4 me to carry on, really tired and joint pain especially in hands really bad. 

  • Hello Evelyne! I was diagnosed last year with metastatic lung cancer stage 4. Since December, I have immunotherapy with chimio and radio. Chimio and ne radio was just for the first two months. My last scan showed a 33% diminution of the cancer. I had a great summer full of camping and walks. I was tire but able to do a lot. Since August however, I am getting short of breath as soon as I move. I become really weak and need to reload energy sitting down. Hopefully more radio may help clear the blocage on my lungs for more months. Next scan is planned at the END of October. Good luck!