Surgery or not. UPDATE

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I have Kidney cancer. A 9cm mass contained. In my kidney just now.  I am 72 and have several conditions including serious heart problems.  Surgery is an option but 2 surgeons and 3 Anethatist have tried to give me full info of the dangers and possible success

I just don't know what to do. If surgery goes wrong the end result could be really devastating. Support during recovery from my family would be very difficult in their own situations. 

If I don't have surgery I can carry on and live my life with regular CT scans. And although this type of cancer grows extremely slowly, if it did grow quicker than expected surgery then would not be an option. Sorry for the long post. Putting it in writinghas helped me a little.  Anyone else been in this position?


Well after a face to face meeting with the surgeon who would be doing the surgery, talks with my family and a couple of close friends . I am not having the surgery.


infection, bleeding, damage to adjacent structures, pneumonia,PE, MI, recurrence,renal impairment. Other cardiovascular issues, or Stroke which could lead to significant deterioration in my way of life.

not forgetting the actual recovery from surgery which doesn’t sound very pleasant from what I hear. And a possibility I may never fully recover and return to an acceptable way of life.


9cm tumour, large enough to spread outside the kidney

If it does spread I may survive 2 years with treatment

Complications of bleeding from the kidney, which can be treated with radiotherapy or embolisation. neither option sounds wonderful to me!!

Thankyou for the support and listening to me and letting me ramble on.  It has helped.

i pray you all have speedy, successful recoveries of your own particular journeys.


  • Welcome Diocese,

     I am so sorry that you have to make such a decision about your operation, I hope you have support from family and friends all I can say that you are the only one that can decide if you have it or not, I am glad you are getting information from the team and the facts, I know it must be a worrying and frightening time for you I will pray for you and your family and what ever you decide will be the best way forward for you, please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing sending best wishes Sandy

    Sandra 55
  • Hi Diocese

    If you don't opt for the surgery, can they not offer you a treatment such as immunotherapy, instead of 'monitoring' ? Was this discussed? Maybe you could phone the Macmillan helpline to discuss your options with them.

    I wish you well, whatever you decide to do! If you post on here, you'll get lots of support from the forums.


  • Hi Diocese

    This must have been a hard decision to make for you, and you have clearly thought through all the pros and cons of having surgery.

    I have recently had similar decisions to make, regarding treatment. It is difficult, but like you, my main concern was my quality of life, not the length of it! I am 64, and able to lead my 'normal' life at the moment. Going down the surgery route, or the treatment route, may not be everyone's choice. It takes courage to make these decisions!

    I wish you well, and hope you continue to enjoy time with family and friends. That sounded patronising, and I didn't mean to be. Sending you my love and good wishes. Do keep posting on here and let people know how you are getting on.


  • If it does spread I may survive 2 years with treatment

    I see you have found out the pertinent info, talked it through with trusted friends and family and come to an informed decision.  You can't do better than that.  Thumbsup

    I would say, regarding the quoted prognosis, be very careful with potential survival rates with treatments.  No one knows!  It's all based on averages, from stats 5+ years old and not your specific scenario or how your body will respond.  It's just a guess from your consultant and plenty of people in this group are proving these estimates wrong.  

    Let us know how you get on and wishing you all the best. xx

  • Hi Diocese,

    Thank you for your update what you have decided is the right decision for you and your family, I am so glad you have family and friends with you, all I can say is have the best life possible and make many memories with your family and friends, if you can please let us know how you are doing I will pray that you have a long life having fun best wishes to you all love Sandy xx

    Sandra 55
  • Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been online for a couple of months. Those of you who offered me advice and support,I am very grateful and I hope your stories are having good endings xxx

    i think I have come to terms with not having surgery. And come terms with the fact that my sons (in their40s ) can’t handle the fact that I am still not 100% well, and probably never will be.

    Anyway Are any of you struggling with fatigue. ? All I seem to want to do is sleep. Not interested in food or cooking  it. Real struggle to keep house tidy. I have good neighbours who invite me round for coffee. I find it hard to have a cheerful conversation, and at times I have Fallen asleep in the middle of a conversation. Any hints on how to get more energy greatly welcomed 

    many thanks 

     Christine (Diocese) xx


  • Hi Christine,

    So good to hear from you I get very tired I am not an early riser, I am fine if going somewhere but when at home you will find me sitting or rather laying on my couch, I have stopped my treatment for the moment as it stopped working and was affecting my kidney, I am due to see my oncologist Thursday to see what next treatment he is going to put me on, this will be my fourth lot so I am hanging on in there, I don’t really know what to do about fatigue not sure if anyone else has any ideas, by the way tell your sons that it is not you who needs to change but their attitude to your illness, we would all like to be able to get around and be bubbly but our bodies won’t let us, my sons and daughter are all in their late forties and know that I have to take each day as it comes so on good days I can visit them have dinner or go out with them, but on bad days they just phone and what app me they will have to adapt to the new way of life take care of yourself sending hugs and best wishes to you and your family Sandy xx

    Sandra 55