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Hi guys, I’m just looking to hear about other people’s experiences with diagnosis, treatment and wait times etc. I was put on a fast track referral at the beginning of May, had a few tests including a CT scan on 8th May then I was told by my GP on 20th that it had showed a large mass on my left kidney and one lymph node looked enlarged. He told me it was cancer and that there was an MDT meeting happening that week - I asked if there was any chance it wasn’t cancer but he’s told me no. I’ve got an appointment this Monday (3rd June) with urology, which I’m dreading but I’m hoping I’ll get a lot more information. 

Is this similar to how it happened for other people? How long was it before you started treatment and what treatment was suggested? I’m trying to prepare myself as much as I can for Monday!

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    Welcome. Really sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Information on my journey so far is in my profile, so click my forum name to read it.

    Hopefully if the cancer is contained within the kidney and not had a chance to spread elsewhere yet they will want to surgically remove it, so i hope you get the answers you need on Monday.

    Plenty of good people on here to offer you support and advice. Keep us updated..

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    Thank you so much for your reply, your journey so far is incredible! How did you cope with the wait between appointments? This is what I’m struggling with already and I know there’s going to be more waiting in the near future. Did you take somebody to every appointment with you? 

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    Ah yes the waiting is the worst part, whether for an appointment or scan/test results. Before my operation I just busied myself at home or being at work, keeping mind active and trying not to dwell on what the future would hold. I think the time I worried most was when in bed trying to get to sleep.

    I have no immediate family any more now and kind neighbours offered to go with me to appointments but I graciously declined and did it alone, and just updated them when I got home. A good friend drove me to hospital for my op and home again after I was discharged.

    I hope you have lots of support from friends and family to help you through this.