13 June 2024 partial nephrectomy

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I have been given a date for my partial nephrectomy on 13th June 2024. I am relieved.

  • That’s good news :) less than a month to go 

  • Hi EJ7861

    That's good news, and not too long to wait. It gives you enough time to get organised at home, such as buying extra pillows to prop yourself up with in bed, and anything you might need to take with you to hospital.

    And not too long to build up any anxiety! I hope it goes well for you.


  • Thank you. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for yours

  • Thank you. I intend to get organised at home

  • Oh that’s such a relief ! You can get your mind and body ready now. Get yourself eating as healthy as you can so you are bursting with vitamins. Lots of fresh air and deep breathing. Get your hospital bag backed and don’t forget a phone charger ! 

  • I’m not feeling too bad. I’m more tired than usual. We haven’t had the appointment with the surgeon yet but I expect that will be soon. My incisions are slowly healing up with two needing dressings. How are you ?

  • Im glad you're feeling ok, keeping your spirits up!
    I'm doing ok thank you. Trying to allow myself time to recover is the worst! I'm conscious of work albeit they have been good! I keep telling my husband I'll go back sooner. He's like you're "two weeks post op, stop being so stupid! You're not moving around normally either" and need your rest!! I Hate being off work, I feel like I'm letting the team down! Stupid thoughts eh?? Face palm tone1‍ even after a cancer removal, still guilty 

  • I’m retired so I don’t have the pressure to go back to work . I look forward to going back to Pilates and swimming also driving. I’m still sleeping a lot too.