Newly Diagnosed Kidney Cancer

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Hi Everyone,

Me again, has anyone with kidney can had any pain in lower back, lumbar and coccyx area? 
I know with kidney cancers you typically only have pain in the flank area I think..

I have had long standing lower lumbar back/coccyx pain for 15 years! Do you think it could be due my cancer?  :( 

  • I’m getting back pain but I haven’t officially got cancer yet . Ct scan is saturday. I don’t no if I’m thinking about it more cause I no something is there or it is actually just really hurting 

  • Back pain - due to the time span, I doubt cancer is the trigger.  Have you tried a physio for the back?  I had lower back pain and physio confirmed what was going on and now fixed.  Not a quick fix, though!  You can get physio from your GP now in Eng and Sco from the NHS.  Not sure about Wales and NI.  

  • I have back problems anyway, could be my slipped disc or lumbar osteoarthritis, however the pain comes and goes and has been more intense. 

  • I’ve had a bad lower back for the last 8ish years but put it down to a car accident I was in as did see chiropractor for a while after accident, it did improve and then reappeared about 6 years ago so just got on with it. Interestingly since radical nephrectomy of my right kidney in February my back ache has gone. 

    Waiting to see if it reappears as I go back to work (am a driving instructor) as I’m sat on the car all day and posture not the best when teaching. 

    hope you’re doing ok Hugging