Secondary brain tumour after kidney cancer

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My wonderful dad has been diagnosed with an incurable secondary brain tumour. I’m devastated and finding it very hard to cope. I can’t stop crying and truly don’t know how I’ll ever feel happy again. He’s my best friend and the soul of our family. He will be taking a targeted drug (canozantinib) to try and stop the growth. Does anyone have experience of this? He is so fit and well generally and I’m so sad that his quality of life may be taken from him. Thank you and sending strength to all x

  • Hello there

    sorry to hear about your dad.

    I was diagnosed mid 2021 and my my kidney cancer had spread to my liver.

     I didn’t have an operation due to the cancer spread but went straight onto dosage of 60mg  Cabozantanib and then Cabo 40mg due to side effects and have been on Cabo at 20mg for over a year or so.

    my cancer has been stable since 2021 and having 3 monthly scans.

    There are lots of options available to me  when Cabozantanib stops working including immunotherapy.

    Sending love to you x

  • Thank you for your reply. I’m so pleased that you have had such a great response. Does cabozantib have a time frame that it is effective for?  

  • I have been advised it is usually between a year to a year and a half.