Lenvatinib and Everolimus After Cabozantib - Any tips?

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Hi, I have Stage 4 Renal Cell. I got me latest scan results yesterday and sadly after 16 months on 60mg of Cabozantinib, I am no longer responding. I'm starting Lenvatinib and Everolimus in ten days. Anybody in a similar boat? Any tips, want to share your experience? I'm back in the world of the great unknown 17 months since my diagnosis and would really love to hear from anyone who knows about these drugs.

Thank you.

  • Hi that's the same situation I'm in I had 6 months on cabozentinb then as the results steadily got worse I was put on 5 mg Everolimus and 18mg of Lenvatinib daily and currently into my 10month.

    Similar side effects to Cabozentinb ( bit of sickness & diorerrea) a bit less aggressive than cabozentinb for me.

    My scan results have shown ups and down first 3 months I was stable and slight improvement then month 6 scan showed new tumors and  then the last scan was stable again ?

    Hope it goes well fingers crossed any questions let me know 

    All the best Ryan