Adjuvant immunotherapy

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Hi everyone

Does any know what adjuvant immunotherapy  is

Also  i have been given a mayo risk score of 4...intermediate rusk..pt3anxro does anyone know  wnat it means

Thankyou.. i had a radical nephrectomy keyhole on 4th april

  • Hi,

    Yes it will be a course of treatment at a regular interval e.g. 6 weeks, for a number of sessions to receive an immune system boosting drug via cannula, e.g. Pembrolizumab, to get the body to either do its best at preventing any secondary cancer cells from forming, or to suppress ones that already exist. Most people deemed to be of intermediate or high risk of cancer coming back after surgery will be recommended to have immunotherapy. Many people on this forum will have had experience of it, or are waiting to start it (myself included). There is the risk of side effects as with any therapy but if it keeps cancer at bay for some time then that can only be a good thing.

    How is the recovery going for you so far?

  • Hi, Adjuvant immunotherapy just means drugs given as a follow up after surgery. Usually you are offered it if your tumour is a certain grade that makes it more likely to cause a recurrence. I am on a drug called Pembrolizumab but there may be others.I haven't heard of a mayo score - I was given a Leibovich score, so can't help you with that one I'm afraid! 

  • Also - hope your recovery is going well!

  • Hi lamplight1928

    What has been said above basically. I’m due to start it this next week.

    Hope your recovery is going ok :) 

  • So far so good.. apart from receiving this info i feel quite well..still sorew though

  • Do you have to go into hospital or isit done as an outpatient

  • Glad the recovery is going well.

    As the immunotherapy drug takes about 30 minutes to be administered via a drip it would be done as an outpatient at hospital. Someone here having it will say how long a session takes in total.

  • Hi hope your feeling well and had a good weekend.

    The immunotherapy is a half day in hospital outpatients you will get flushed through with a saline drip then the course of usually 2 immunotherapy drugs each with a flush in-between and then a final flush so take a good book or something to keep you occupied.

    I had 6 months of immunotherapy treatment went well no real problems or side effects ( tired day after treatment) hope it all goes well.

    Have a good Monday out there.

  • Thankyou... ive had 

    a bit more info... they said they think they have removed the entire cancer with my kidney... they have tested the edges and they are ok...but they said when they tested my kidney it just tipped into intermediate and have referred me for immunotherapyx

  • Hi

    I'm on adjuvant immunotherapy with Pembrolizumab - 9 sessions over 12 months.

    Small bag of the drug gets pumped in and takes c30 minutes.

    Side effects I've suffered have been itching and insomnia so I've got off lightly!