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I’m a 39 year old female, I had my follow up with my doctor yesterday and it’s been confirmed I have papillary renal cell carcinoma. I told my doctor that I have been having a feeling that there is something where my tumor was. It was 12cm and I could feel it to touch. It’s uncomfortable when I bend or aM sitting down. He said it could be a hematoma but it would show on my next CT, I’m concerned it’s something else. Anybody had this? Also I’m being referred for immunotherapy treatment which I was really hoping I wouldn’t need Weary

  • Hi read you post I hope your feeling better and had a good day ,fingers crossed for the Scan results understand it's a very worrying and anxious time try and keep smiling.

    The immunotherapy isn't as bad as it sounds I had 8 months of treatment broken down into the 4 week cycles of week 1 preparation ( blood tests) week 2 treatment ( a long day in hospital expect the treatment to be 4 hours with the flushes then the 2 drugs and more flushing) then 2 weeks of recovery.

    I didn't have any side effects other than feeling pretty crappy on and after  treatment day bug  worked full time as usual.

    Hope it helps keep smiling all the best Ryan