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My partner had to go to a&e on the 13th march with suspected gallstones, 14th march did a ultrasound scan and no stones so admitted him onto a ward etc so sent him for a CT scan on the 16th, had the results within an hour and his appendix had burst so had the op on the Saturday night to remove them but before he went for his op the dr came and told him they had found something else on his scan something called a “squiggle” whatever that means and she didn’t believe holding anything back from anyone. My partner is 35 now and had testicular cancer when he was 21 so he asked her straight is it cancer and she said she couldn’t say. Fast forward to before he went down for his op on the Saturday night the dr has come back and told him it looks like a “mass or a cluster”. We’ve now found out from his discharge letter it’s a lesion near his left kidney with a question mark. He’s been referred to urology mdt, He’s had the telephone consultation and they still don’t know other than telling him they were concerned about it that it could of come back or could be scar tissue as he had to have lymph nodes removed from his abdomen when he had the testicular cancer, he had to go for a ct thorax scan on the 3rd April but it will get sent to Birmingham queen Elizabeth hospital as they are specialists? He did also have his testicular cancer treatment at that hospital too, anyone had similar or know anything about that hospital? Also had another call the other day asking how he is etc and gave a telephone number and he asked what that was for and she said the urology cancer department if he has any questions to ask. Why would they give him that number and say that when he hasn’t even been diagnosed with that yet.

  • Hello Dowl94

    I hope you do not mind me responding as my cancer was endometrial but I just happened to see your post.

    I am sorry to hear that your partner has been unwell and that you are concerned about cancer.

    It is very natural to worry and particularly as he has been treated for another type of cancer in the past.

    If chatting things through would help then may I suggest giving the Support Line a call. The number is below.

    What I will say though is that it is good that he has been checked out and only the tests that they are doing will be able to give you both the answers you need. To have his results referred to a different hospital may just be what they do in your area. In mine there are 2 main hospitals but anything that could be cancer related, stroke related and some other specialisms- always go there as they have the expertise. 

    To be referred to the Urology cancer dept must have been a shock for you both but it would just mean that because he has some symptoms and there are concerns that they could potentially mean cancer in some people and because of a past history, they want to rule out the most serious possibilities first For me I was referred to the gynae oncology dept as they are best equipped to do the necessary tests- it did not mean I would definitely have cancer and indeed I was told 9/10 people referred there would get the all clear.

    So try not to worry too much, he is getting properly checked- if it isn't cancer then hopefully you will both get some reassurance soon and some idea of potential treatment and if it does turn out to be, then finding it sooner is better. 

    I hope that his results come back quickly and that you both do not have to wait too long to here back from the hospital, in the mean time if there is anything you need, then please do ask.



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm