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A month today I had my neprectomy 

Thought I may have felt better by now but all I want to do is sleep all the time. Anyone else the same? 

  • Did you have a radical mate . Did the OP go well and to plan ?

  • Yep, so tired, radical nephrectomy was 5 weeks yesterday.

    Feel lots better and moving easier etc but I can’t do too much before need a nap. Managed 31 minute walk yesterday in 1 go, that was me done in then. just building things up gradually. Driving is about 20 mins before I go - that’s enough. Need to improve that before I go back to work! 

    Just off for a nap now at 5.15pm Grin 

    Hope recovery going well other than fatigue and tiredness. 

  • There are no targets or guidelines. Our bodies tell us what they need. Just rest as much as you want or need. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Still exhausted all the time. Can only do little then need a rest. 

    been feeling like crap today. Stomach feels bloated more than normal and got a stabbing sensation on left side of stomach. Was right kidney that was removed. 

  • Peppermint tea maybe to help with bloating and any stomach ache? Worked for me anyway. 

    Don’t know about stabby feeling, overdone it or nerves healing possibly? We can see what’s on outside but not inside and how it’s healing. 

    I found that sometimes I needed a day to just do nothing and the following day felt better. Hard to do nothing as feel not making progress but if your body tells you to rest then be like a sloth and rest. It’s ok to do that. 

    Hope it’s eased a bit today for you and your feeling bit better x