Kidney cancer ???

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My husband had a MRI for his hip then this followed.

18th Feb......We can see a 10cm  kidney tumour that they confirmed by only the MRI.

They also told him he had lung nodules that were also cancerous.

27 Feb ....CT scan showed also Adrenal cancer and we were told that's the most likely primary.

Was sent to Endocrinologist 11 March and then told the following.

We think its Adrenal cancer primary that spread to the kidney and lungs.

Had full blood count they tested for approx 38 different things in blood 

All that showed was I'm anemic through the kidney cancer

They have also said a biopsy will now take place and  this will be in two weeks time.

My questions are the following

I have read they don't biopsy if they are not going to remove the tumour and why would they not remove something as bad as this. ?

What treatments do or may the offer ?

What is the procedure for the biopsy.?

Do they do they lung biopsy on the same day ?

Why cant they remove then biopsy.?

Thank you for any replies

  • Hi it’s all very confusing isn’t it? My husband thought he had a chest infection then a cat scan later showed very large bi lateral kidney cancers that had metastasised into both lungs plus AF was diagnosed the same day. His blood couldn’t clot so they weren’t able to do the biopsy he was sent away twice, Christie’s couldn’t see him without these results so after having vitamin k intravenously (thankfully it worked) he had the biopsy last week,he sees the oncologist Monday but the kidney specialist have basically told us the MDT team decided the cancers are too large to operate on they will try to help him but the macmillan nurse advised him to enjoy his time left,  if you look on the macmillan site you will find loads of info about the MDT team this page gives you advice on questions to ask so that you will understand it better,

    I bought an A5 hard backed writing pad I keep everything in there from healthcare professionals names and phone numbers to blood pressure readings, all his medicines, appointments etc  it’s really helping us to keep up to date with everything also do look through the macmillan site it should give you a good idea what to expect also my daughter who is a nurse told me if I have any problems and feel we are not being helped or listened to then to contact pals it’s sad you have to do this but it’s the only thing that works in some cases.oh also your question as for doing the op first then the biopsy I was told they actually need to know what type of cancer it is for the correct treatment and they can only find this out with the biopsy? We are struggling to get to this coming Monday it’s really scary isn’t it but we have a list of questions and I do advise you to write them down. I wish you well take care, rest when you can, all the best ,Linzi 

  • Hi Linzi

    Yes it does get very confusing 

    My husband has bilateral nodules mets and primary kidney cancer I am hoping they can offer chemotherapy and then remove the kidney some sites they remove and some say the don't.Thinking

    I like you also have all my little notes write down.

    He is stage four.

    I have been told he most likely be offered chemotherapy hope this is right.

    Its just the nausea that gets to him.

    Trying ginger tea with lemon.

    Dr has prescribed new anti sickness medicine we hope this works.

    Keep well Linzi and thank you for replying it means so much 

  • I did reply my reply has gone missing

  • Hi - I had a biopsy (see my blog here ->  Biopsy – 14th Dec 2021 .  It was to find out the cancer type so the most appropriate treatment could be applied.  As it had already spread to the lungs there was no plan to remove the kidney.  

    Why cant they remove then biopsy.?

    I believe they do remove the kidney, and then do the testing on the kidney.  Frequently.  

    The standard approach for a kidney cancer that has spread to other organs is not to remove, but instead, the aim to manage the cancer ie shrink, prevent further growth and get some stability.    They generally don't remove kidney cancers until they reach 4cm. 

    My response is for a primary kidney cancer though.  I re-read your post and noticed the diagnosis is (or may be?) adrenal cancer.  the approach is driven by the primary, so it may be different for adrenal cancer.   Also, once it spreads that's a different scenario and approach too.  

  • So they at first said it was adrenal now they are saying its primary kidney cancer with cancerous lung nodules 

    He has a biopsy booked for after Easter.

    Hopefully we then will get. a treatment plan going.

    I know sometimes the approach is to give some sort of chemotherapy or immunotherapy and either remove or they don't..

    My husbands tumour is 10 cmI have read that sometimes they remove and sometimes they don't remove.

    I will also read you blog

    Thank you for your reply