First CT scan after full kidney plus tumour removal

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Scared Scream 



The unknown 

all of the above milling round my head as I try to prepare for this scan and then wait… and wait… for the outcome 

How do you start to even cope? It’s tough 

  • Hard I bet, I haven’t even had my kidney out yet so I am behind you there . Are you in treatment aswell or is this a first six month scan without any ?

  • No treatment yet, surgery then 5 years of CT scans every 6 months which feels like pause in life and living from one scan to the next…

  • Waiting zoomies are awful and I’ve only experienced them since November.

    Trying to train myself to file them in the ‘Not happening till it’s happening’ file. I use the word trying as not been very successful at it yet. 

    Post op follow up next week so zoomies have started for that as I don’t know yet what’s to come. Everything seems to go onto pause other than the waiting. 

    Do you know when the scan is yet? 

  • Yeah tomorrow morning Disappointed relieved 

    then there’s the wait for results 

    it’s an exhausting future journey full of uncertainty 

  • Hope all goes well today Niko and the wait for results not too long. They don’t give anything away when you leave do they.

    I call a CT scan a trip to the spaceship doughnut.