Two weeks post surgery

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Hi all , well nearly two weeks ago I had my right kidney fully removed. Biopsy week or so early confirmed was clear renal cell carcinoma

Due to previous keyhole surgery (gastric bypass, gallbladder and inguinal hernia) along with appendectomy nearly 50 years ago was warned that my surgery may be a little bit more difficult.

Surgeon advised did take a bit longer , but apart from the usual pain and bloating I didn't really have any issues.

Plenty fluids, and eating health small but often doing the trick. Oh and when needed - oramorph. 

Partner changed my dressings today as the one where the large incision and the port beneath it were caked in dry blood.

The large incision one no real issues with however, the port below still does not appear to be healing. There is a marking of blood on the dressing near this wound and to be honest this is the only issue I am still having , that and when moving or getting up that area hurts like hell. 

I am due to have all my staples removed Monday. Should I contact the ward for advice , or just leave to the docs.

Anyone else had similar experiences.