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I have a 5cm mass in my left kidney that my doctor says is fully contained within in the kidney. I was sent for a biopsy to confirm it was cancer. The biopsy results came back with the biopsy is consistent with low grade renal cell carcinoma. With positive results for CA IX (EP161, Cell Marque) (A1): Positive CD117 (Ckit) (EP10, Leica) (A1): Positive.

I have had a full abdominal and pelvic CT scan that included lung bases, which are clear as well as all other organs. I am concerned that they did not scan the upper lungs and also have some pain in my left leg, But no bone scan ordered. Any thoughts or like experiences?

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    "Low grade" is the best result for the cancer cells which mean they are slow growing and means a better prognosis due to the fact there is less chance of spreading elsewhere, which might be a reason they didn't scan upto the neckline.

    I cannot give advice on the leg pain. Maybe post in the "ask a nurse" forum to see if you get advice there?

    All the best.

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