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Afternoon, my dad was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and he is really struggling with nausea and how “disgusting” most food now tastes. Does anyone have experience of this and any advice on how he can deal with it? He is eating less and less and obviously getting weaker each day. He awaits a first call from specialist cancer nurse. Many thanks 

  • Hello there!

    There's a few of us on here had this problem.  It's common after nephrectomy, but generally only lasts a few weeks.  I didn't have a nephrectomy but I was having some problems with my drugs, or I was restarting treatment , my kidney function was low.  I completely went off food.  Cheese tasted disgusting with a weird texture.  I love cheese normally!  I didn't have enough saliva to prepare food for a swallow.  Lots of other things that I just can't remember now.  I couldn't stand salad.  Couldn't chew bread.  Forget crackers, crisps and buscuits.  You get the idea.   

    It just got better.  The treatment settled down, the dry mouth got gradually better.  I also started a vaccine trial and after that I noticed my appetite improved and my meal portions bigger.  I felt more normal again.  I never got any nausea though.  I think it lasted 2-3 months.    

    I changed what I ate.  It was always soup for lunch and meals with lots of gravy or sauce.  Cake heated in the microwave with ice-cream on top for moisture.  

    I've tried to find the posts where we discussed our food woes, but it was 1-2 years ago and the search function isn't so great here.  

    I suspect if your team can fix the nausea, or start some treatment that would help.  

  • Page one of this discussion we are talking about our food woes.  I don't think we found any answers though, just lots of support.  https://community.macmillan.org.uk/cancer_types/kidney-cancer-forum/f/general/239244/post-nephrectomy-update?pifragment-13906=1 

  • Thanks for the reply. He hasn’t had any treatment or procedures yet, as he doesn’t feel strong enough. I will share your advice with him though. Thanks too for the link to the previous thread. Kind regards 

  • Hi

    My husband too has said he has gone of tea which he loves he has not gone off food rather than then nausea makes him put of eating all thr goodies he used to eat.

    Ginger water with a slice of lemon may help with the nausea

  • Thanks. My dad passed away last week so I will leave the group now. 

  • Really sorry to hear that.  I hope you are ok.  

  • Thinking of you

    Keep strong

    Laugh,cry,be sad be however you want.

    Look after yourself