Confirmed - was Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma

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Had the phone call today that the histology was back. 

There was chats that my 5cm mass in right kidney that was taking up most of the bottom and starting to be greedy with the renal pelvis space was possibly oncocytoma but also that it may not have been. Biopsy wouldn’t have been conclusive so we opted for the radical nephrectomy (8 days ago) 

Good decision we went for that option! Said was a PT3A, got it all and was contained so let’s hope it’s not left any little things lurking about in my blood stream looking for a new home. Oncology appointment and follow up with consultant to be done soon. 

Even though this is a bit of a duff hand I still feel incredibly lucky that this has been found. No symptoms as such and only went to Dr as felt lethargic beyond what I should, bit of water retention and change to frequency of when needed a wee. I thought was middle age stuff starting but no. Non visible blood in urine was the trigger for all the follow up tests. 

Silent sneaky one this is, that’s for sure. 

Positive thoughts to all who need them. 

  • Hi Janey36, thanks god that you and your doctor opted for the best decision and that the cancer is definitively out of your body! Now is time to recover and relax. Wish you best of luck, I hope you remain cancer free forever!

  • Let’s hope so! 

    Edit: how are you doing after your surgery Clarabella? Just had a look at your story. 

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    My 16x10x12cm mass is surprisingly T3a N0 M0 so I am hoping too they get it all out. Can't wait for the op now. Still 2 weeks until pre op assessment though :(

  • My surgery was robotic laparoscopy, after 10 days I have been able to work from home and go on with my life (go out for walk, meet with friends) and now I'm completely back to normal life. But I'm still a little bit tired than normal. Thanks for asking Janey