Have an operation date but don't think it will happen !

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Have been given an op date of 22 March.  Need another CT scan and blood tests before but have just had all my pre-op assessments.

I had to do the exercise bike test and failed miserably.  Just received the anaesthetologists report and it reads to me as if I'm at deaths door !   Heart problems, lung problems, knee problems and to cap it all the pre-op nurse phoned and told me I had a UTI !!

So, so far, as a result of my so-called health checks I've been told I have type 2 diabetes, kidney cancer, pancreatitis , emphysema, a lung nodule  and a UTI !! All with no symptoms.  I always thought I was fairly well for my age (74)

I came away from the test exam with a very simple get more exercise booklet .

Somehow I think this op is going to be cancelled !   So depressed.

ps I 've  started walking every day

  • Hi, I completely understand where you are coming from ! Similar to me in a way. My kidney cancer was picked up through another scan. Had the operation than a year later after my first annual scan was told no reoccurance but they found something equally terrible ! An aneurysm on my aorta. I hate February’s now ! Feb 2021 heart attack, Feb 2023 partial nephrectomy, Feb 2024 Diagnosed an Ascending aortic aneurysm (CT scan later today ) seems they find something new at every scan !

    At least now you can focus on getting fit and be thankful, hard as it is, that these have been highlighted and can be treated before they get worse. That’s what I am telling myself. Full open heart for me at some point ! But, if it hadn’t been picked up it’s another ticking time bomb like kidney cancer, with no symptoms.

    Take care and continue walking, best exercise ever !


  • Well I was right !  Met with consultant yesterday to be told that op has been "put on hold"   I have another scan booked for July and they will re-consider then.   So more "watchful waiting" to see if it spreads to lungs or bones.

    Totally down.