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Hi, I am trying to find as much as I can regarding symptons etc . I only had two episodes of gross haematuria as my symptom and have not had it since but I do have microscopic blood in my urine as I have dip tested it . I have noticed though that my urine flow is slower than before . I have no problem peeing but it’s not a full void . It’s smaller amount of urine  and more often . Has anyone else had this issue? 

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  • Hi Phil

    I have noticed much the same since my nephrectomy in June 23, and also have had a couple of UTIs. I went for a cystoscopy a couple of days ago which showed a little bit of inflammation in the bladder (presumably from the last UTI) but nothing else of significance.

    The urologists are pulling my CT scan forward to within the next couple of weeks ( it should have been in April) just to double check that the blood in my urine is caused by the UTIs and not anything horrible

    Probably a good idea to flag it up to your Cancer Specialist Nurse if you haven't already done so.

    When did you have your nephrectomy or are you awaiting it?

  • I have a lump on my kidney and have had chest X-ray but see oncologist on Monday to discuss all . I do still have blood in my urine as I dip test it and it always shows high amount but not visible so unsure if this would cause it .