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Hi all I’m having my left kidney removed by keyhole surgery on 1st February. The mass has taken over most of my kidney, but they still aren’t sure what it is, it will be tested once taken out. I have come to terms with the fact I need this operation, my biggest fear is dying on the operating table and not coming back to my children. They are 12, 9 & 3, it keeps me up at night I am so scared

  • Hi, i can fully understand your fears. I dont have your type of cancer but have had a few operations in my time dealing with my cancer treatments. I dont think there is anyone on here who has not thought exactly the same as you are thinking now. It is how we all feel. We have to put our trust in the people who do these operations they do it all the time and know what they are doing. There are so many safe guards in place and its so rare things dont go to plan. I had a procedure yesterday i only had a mild sedative and under for 30 minutes but i was surprised after the biopsy how they had a checkl list and how many questions were asked to the people involved before they could leave the room. So to be nervous is perfectly normal, i didnt sleep for weeks before my surgeries so you are not alone. The day will go quicker than you think and you can give them all a big hug afterwards. All the best with your treatment xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply, I’ve had 2 sedations from donating my eggs last year and the year before and I remember all the questions and checks they did. 
    I hope your procedure went well and you get the results soon xx

  • Hi, I had my op in November and I was really scared just before it that something would go wrong - my heart was pounding! It does feel like a big thing, even tho you know logically it is rare not to come thru an operation. It's so normal to feel this way. I did breathing exercises to help. And the anaesthetist was so lovely and reassuring which helped. And the surgeons too, I focused on how experienced they were - just another day in the office for them! All the best for next week! Let us all know how you get on.

  • Thank you for your reply, I’m going to try breathing and keeping calm. They told me I have to have a spinal too, I’ve had 2 and an epidural and I hate them 

  • Hi, sorry, what does that mean - won't you have a general anaesthetic?

  • Hi yeah they said they’re going to do a spinal, general anaesthetic and local anaesthetic in the kidney area. They said they want to make sure the numbing effects will last longer after I wake up and won’t have to take pain killers so soon after waking up. They also said I can’t have the pain killers in my iv, I will have to have them orally 

  • Ah, I see, that makes sense - i think! They know what they're doing!