Kidney Biopsy

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I was diagnosed with cancer on my right kidney in December. I went for biopsy this morning  but couldn't have it done because they couldn't see the area properly with ultrasound scanner. May have to have c.f. Guided biopsy. Feeling in limbo and upset

  • Hi Izzy,

    sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It's quite normal for feelings/thoughts to be scattered all over the place at this time. Things will feel a little less worrying when a plan of action is sorted out for you. Until then try not to stress too much. 

    I found it helped me, in the early days of my cancer journey, to read through posts on this forum. So upsetting and yet so inspirational too.

    Keep posting on here as you are among people/friends that have much experience. You're not alone.

    All the best....Del. 

  • Hi Izzy, so sorry, that must be difficult. Have they said anything about you having a nephrectomy? How was the cancer diagnosed - was it from a CT scan? Just wondering as I didn't have a biopsy but had my nephrectomy in November. 

  • Hi Deloo

    Thank you for your reply 

  • Hi Starlady

    My cancer was diagnosed by MRI scan I have 3  tumors but they are small less than 4cms in total so they mentioned a partial  nephrectomy or freezing it.I hope you are well  after your nephrectomy.

  • What a bummer.  I remember when I had my biopsy they told me I "must not move" and I was paralysed in fear in case they missed the tumour and I'd hav eto come back and start again. 

    When I was preparing for my biopsy, google only ever talked about a US guided biopsy and I was surprised when mine was a CT.  I asked on a "Kidney Cancer UK" webinar about the difference between the two techniques.  The radiotherapist said he preferred US because he wasn't limited to viewing the kidney in vertical planes.     I can understand how frustrating this must be for you.  More waiting.  I hope they fit you in ASAP.  

  • Hi, thank you, yes I recovered well from the operation - the first week was a bit tough but it got easier week by week so I can do most things as before now. Unfortunately, the cancer was quite an aggressive type so I am going to have immunotherapy treatment (pembrolizumab) starting fairly soon. But the oncologist made it sound not too bad - so fingers crossed it won''t be!