Fellow Male Nephrectomites

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Hi all,

I had a nephrectomy of my right kidney in April of 2022. All went really well and i have returned to my full strength.

Apologies for being so blatant in the following but......

There is one after effect that has hung around. One of my testicles is very large at times...lol. Other times it's the same as the other one. I should say that they have always been the same size as each other before the nephrectomy. I got out of the shower the other day and the now dodgy one was huge. I could barely feel my other one which had gone round the back.

After the op, and still now, the right side testi feels soft and mushy sometimes and is as sensitive as hell. I do a gentle aerobic workout to keep healthy and the right side of my groin tightens and pulls if i'm not careful. The right side of the fleshy pubis bone kind of area is swollen too.

All this only hinders me a little. I can get along with it all.

I just wondered if anyone else is left dealing with this post op condition ?

I did ask the nurse at my last and recent flexi-cystoscopy (i have bladder cancer too) and she said something about hydrocele or something and seemed to think it was all normal. To me it feels like what i imagine a hernia would feel like.

Again sorry to be to so full on about this.....and thanks for reading this far...Del

  • hydrocele

    varicocele, perhaps?  Definition: a mass of varicose veins in the spermatic cord.

    I know nothing, remember. I just went for a google. . . .    

  • Thanks Mmum,

          I'll have a dig around google too and see if anything chimes with my issue.

    I already had a quick look and found there were over 8,000 nephrectomies performed in 2016 !!!! Shocking, Something wrong somewhere for that amount of Kidney problems.

  • My Kidney cancer was found, because I had a swollen right testicle. I was diagnosed with varicocele. It was only because I went private to get the varicocele sorted, that they found my cancer. Read my profile.

  • Thanks snelli, i'll have a look in a bit when i get chance. Just a bit busy right now.

  • Wow...mate. That was a fair old size tumour. Mine was 9cm and i thought that was large. 

    I've looked up what i can re post op effects and it would seem that testicular pain is quite common post nephrectomy.

    I don't have pain as such it just feels uncomfortable and very sensitive especially when our cockapoo jumps up on my lap when i've dropped off on the settee.

    When i next have a phone appt with my consultant (great bloke) i shall do my best to get across how different things seem now and how disconcerting it is.

    I'd have thought more men would have something like the issue that i have. Don't get me wrong i can live with it. But something is wrong that needs sorting or checking or at least explaining to me.


  • I send images to my GP. it ain't pretty. Con with colorectal chap next week.