Gas bubble after radical nephrectomy

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In November 2022 I had a radical nephrectomy of my left kidney by keyhole surgery. The follow up CT scan showed a gas bubble under the large cut which was confirmed by an Ultrasound scan. I have since had a lot of pain in that area (resulting in a visit to A & E and another CT scan which I am awaiting the result of). Has anyone else experienced this? I am hoping to fly to Spain in early February and am worried about flying in a plane with lower air pressure (having seen how crisp packets expand in planes, I do not want this to happen to my bubble. I am waiting to hear from my consultant about this but wondered if anyone else had gas bubbles two months after surgery.

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    I hope your consultant can sort things for you.

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  • Hi John, sorry to hear of your 'gas bubble' trouble. I think i would be right in saying that for most the gas disperses naturally after a few weeks as mine did. It was very uncomfortable so i do sympathise with your predicament.

    Do you have a nurse assigned to you to whom you could express your worries ?'m sure they will have encountered something like it before and be able to give you more information.

    Good luck and please do update us as to how you get on....Del.

  • Thanks for your reply. I have actually seen the surgeon who told me about the bubble, saying "This is novel, I haven't seen this before", or words to that effect. It's now 2 months after the operation so I would expect the gas to have dispersed. Unfortunately the doctors dispute hasn't helped things but the radiologist has just filed the CT scan report so it's going through the system. All I can do is be patient which at times can be difficult.