Advance kidney cancer. Gone to bones

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Hi five years ago I had half of 1 kidney removed from cancer. I was told I had good margins. And all would be well. Last five year scan found cancer in my spine and rib. I was told it was terminal. However a drug called sutent would give me 5yrs.However it didn't work for me. I was then put on immutherpy. Again didn't work. Now it's just morphine for the awful pain I'm under.. However I'm having breathing trouble. Because of the morphine. Any advice please. I feel so alone everyday. I can't get out at all. 

  • Have you considered this group  Living with incurable cancer forum - patients only  My cancer has spread too and is incurable so I am a member.   I think you might have a better chance of finding someone with experience of morphine there.  Also, people in this group are used to the medical (generic), mental and social challenges that  come with an incurable diagnosis, so you might get better reach there.  It also offers online company as it's a busy forum with daily chat, frequently not about cancer.  

  • Hi Mumm

    "my cancer has spread too................"  When my wife was diagnosed, she too was told it was incurable and we have always worried that it would spread, so your news is worrying. Have you been switched to a different treatment regime, if so, which? My wife's onco says 'your condition is stable' and seems happy but your tumour spreading is a worrying development. 

    Of course, we're both devastated for you, but you have shown yourself to be resilient, so we keep everything crossed for a successful outcome. 

  • There's no change to my situation, treatment or ongoing results.  No further tumour spread.  It had already spread to the lungs on discovery, at the time of diagnosis.  There's no detectable trace in the lungs now.  

  • Hi Mumm

     very good news - a big sigh of relief our end.  We have been following you throughout as you probably know - your progress and fight is inspiring, keep going!