Full Nephrectomy Recovery Tips

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Hi everyone,

I've joined this group on behalf of my dad who was diagnosed with kidney cancer a month ago. 11cm tumour and into the Vena Cava with a blood clot so he was put on the list for surgery very quickly. He had his operation last Tuesday and I'm pleased to say he's back home and starting his road to recovery. They have said he had nodules on his lung but not sure if this is cancer and he had a raised PSA blood test prior to the kidney diagnosis so we have concerns it has spread but the doctors advised the kidney was the main focus for now.

My dad was relatively fit and healthy and is very worried about losing his fitness and strength as he wants to be ready to face whatever is next with treatment.

Does anyone have any advice for recovery of this type of operation? Has anyone used physios/personal trainers to keep other parts of the body strong whilst being mindful of the abdominal area?

Any advice/tips would be much appreciated!

Thank you! 

  • Just let nature take its course and be patient 

  • Hi Hannah, I had a much lower grade RCC, pt1b, the hospital I attended had a pre-habilitation/ re habilitation exercise class at a local village hall. I think it was around 6 weeks post op that I went onto rehab exercise classes. The trainer was specifically qualified in dealing with cancer patients.

    For the first little while after the op, your Dad should concentrate on walking a little bit further each day and resting when tired.

    It's a very major op and trying to do too much too early can cause real issues.

    I would wait until the post op consultation, when you can ask about regaining fitness.

  • Thank you for this reply, really helpful!