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Hi, I was told on the 12thNovember that I had a large tumour covering my left kidney and adrenal gland, the adrenal gland was completely covered as was 90% of the kidney and they would have to be removed. I haven't heard anything since, I know that they both have to be removed on the left side and they want the surgery to be done by end of November. My head is mush and I don't know what to do and I don't know who to ask and even what to ask. I just want to cry and I'm just sitting on this merry go round, ever going round and round with no answers and no way to get off. 

  • Bertram, I'm very sorry to hear your diagnosis, it is not dissimilar to mine.  My operation is planned for the 27th November. 
    I am coping by having faith in the team managing my case, so far they've not let me down. I'm assuming they've not found tumours elsewhere, which is great. So once the kidney is removed the cancer has gone. The histology will inform the team on the risk of the cancer returning and will determine the level of surveillance needed. If it comes back they will catch it early, that's no a bad position to be in. 
    There are many survivors on here who have beaten stage 4 kidney cancer, so fight and try to stay strong. 

    I wish you much luck, Phil. 

  • Hi I’m sorry to hear of ur diagnosis my husband has recently been diagnosed now 4 weeks and waiting for a biopsy date. You should be getting an appointment soon have you rang the person u are under to ask the next step? It’s ok to cry don’t keep it in we all know what you are going through we feel the same in limbo is life over? I’m sure it’s not . the past 4 weeks have been the longest 4 weeks ever so we know exactly how you feel write down any questions u r uncertain of and keep badgering xxx

    It’s very scary but we are hopeful stay strong stay positive sending big hugs