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Hi all, 

Just after some advice. My mum has been told she has stage 4 kidney cancer, tumours on both kidneys, one 3.3 cm and one 11 cms  we have met with the urology consultant and have had the biopsy. We have a appointment for a couple of weeks time back with urology. I think I just presumed the next appointment would be with oncology to discuss treatment options but I'm worried this next appointment is just to discuss the results of the biopsy which I get is important but just feels another delay in getting something done i.e treatment . By the time of this appointment on the 8th nov, it will have been 2  months since my mum was first told.  Has anyone any experiance in what happens next?  Thank you all. 

  • Hi - sorry to read your news.  

    I think every region, perhaps even different hospitals, have different protocol.  

    When I was told stage 4, the urologist then requested a biopsy and referred me to oncology pretty damn quick.  Sod's Law,  both appointments then came through on the same date at different hospitals.  I then never saw the urologist ever again!   I got my biopsy results from oncology, a week after the procedure.  

    I think there's others on here who undergo treatment under their urologist so perhaps your place operates like this?  Or perhaps because it's localised in the kidneys, urology is going to treat it.   Perhaps they've already contacted Oncology to say they have a referral.

    Kidney cancer is very slow growing so a delay of two months is unlikely to be impactful.  But I understand your concern.  All you want to do at this stage is to start treatment and the waiting is the worst experience.

    One question though.  Why are they categorising it as stage 4?  Is there growth outside the kidneys?  Just that my understanding is stage 4 is no longer contained within the kidney.    

  • Hi Thank you so much for your reply! They are saying stage 4 as the scan is showing its outside of the kidney. There is also a nodule on the lung but people are not really talking about this , maybe they need to look at the biopsy first in order for a formal diagnosis? It's all been a bit out of the blue. Mum was having blood pressure took and then a chest xray that showed what they thought was infection or inflammation ( this was at the same day urgent treatment ward ) at the local hospital. They asked her to come back in 3 weeks for another chest xray and it showed up again so they done a scan of my mum's kidney s and this is when the Dr said it looked to be stage 4 kidney cancer. We have seen the urology consultant who just confirmed what we had been told before. Mum has had a biopsy and we have a appointment back with urology on the 8th Nov, just hoping this isn't to formally and then we have to wait for another appointment,  think its still the shock as mam has no symptoms or pain which we are so grateful but you just worry about time passing! 

    The consultant had said the kidney wouldn't be able to be removed due to it being around the kidney but it is difficult to even know what treatment is or looks like! 

    I appriciate your reply and advice so much Heart️