Kidney biopsy

Hi I am new to this group 

I've had quite a journey recently

Long story but now waiting for a kidney biopsy has anyone tell me what it's like. 

How sore how long took to recover etc

  • Hi - here's my blog entry of my kidney biopsy.   Biopsy – 14th Dec 2021   My experience was it wasn't sore.   It took all day though with all the waiting around, form filling and mandatory rest afterwards.  I felt the needle go in but then the anaesthetic kicked in.  Afterwards, I just walked away, no recovery necessary. I carried on as usual the next day.   

  • Thanks that's good to hear 

  • Hi, you may have already had your biopsy by now, but in case you haven’t this was my experience.

    •  The biopsy was straightforward and a lot less painful than I expected - it took me a couple of days to get back to my normal self as it just felt a bit sore inside, but nothing to worry about. It didn’t interfere with anything I did at home, but I did cancel a dinner with friends the following day as I wasn’t feeling I could sit comfortably in the restaurant,

    As you have to lie flat for quite a few hours afterwards in the hospital, I found it helpful to take my iPad and bluetooth headphones in to hospital with me having downloaded some programmes to watch. It made the time go a lot more quickly.

  • Thanks for the information I'm due to go in on Thursday and feeling quite apprehensive!

    Wasn't sure if weekend plans should be cancelled but guess I can play it by ear!