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Hello again everyone,

I have come back to this forum as I am known here and always appreciate your responses.

Over the last fortnight I have attended two weekly Macmillan Daycare sessions at our local hospice (Roxburghe House, Dundee) and I have enjoyed talking to others in similar situations with cancer.

However, I now have doubts about my diagnosis and I am bordering on denial and asking for second opinions. Compared to others that I have met recently, I have no symptoms or suffering from any pains. It may be that the care team have all the proper pain-relief medication in place but I am wondering if any others have have had these kind of thoughts and what they did about them

After being given an estimated life expetancy in early January of between 6-9 months I am now down to almost 1-4 months and I feel better than I did in January.

Thanks Again,

  • Crikey Bob…..I don’t know what to make of that. 
    A clinicians stab at your prognosis is just that, a guess. 
    Follow your instincts. Ask for that second opinion from a specialist cancer centre. The Marsden? All they need are your labs and scans to start with. You have nothing to lose except maybe that Sword of Damocles 

    Huge hugs. Let us know what happens. 


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  • Hi Bob .Good to hear from you,we all have the right to a 2 nd opinion,do as Dani say the Royal Marsden has an excellent reputation.best wishes for whatever choice you make. 

    hugs Hazel

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

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  • Hi Bob

    Definitely worth another look.... explore your options with Macmillan ? ....

    Take care and best of luck