Been put into Group A Pathos Trial - Monitor only

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Some good news to share. I had my appointment yesterday at Derriford to discuss my histology results following my neck dissection and oropharangyectomy on 22nd April. The suregeon got a good 5 mm margin and there was no spread to nodes so I have been placed into group A of the Pathos traial which is monitor only. I'll have scans every 3 months for the first year and then every 4 months year 2. For now at least I have escaped Radiotherapy but I'll always be worried a bout it coming back at some point. I still feel like I'm swallowing glass but hoping that will bet better soon and now looking to plan a holiday just hubby and I as feel the need just to get away for a few days and process what's just happened. Thank you to all who have replied to my requests. it's been lovely to have your encouragment through dark times.

  • That’s good news. 5mm margin is excellent so you can go away and not worry. I know the worry returns before scans. Scanxiety they call it but you’re being well looked after. Wonderful. Enjoy your break!! 


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  • Hi Coco cat

    That is wonderful news. Not needing radiotherapy is a real bonus and definitely to be celebrated. Hope the throat pain starts to subside soon. It does take a while to process everything but things will improve over time. Planning a holiday with your husband sounds like a great idea, some peace and tranquility is just what is needed.

    The concern about a possible return of cancer is something that many of us experience but over time it does recede to the back of your mind.

    I  had a concern only last week and went to my consultant who had a good look and reassured me that all was well much to my relief. With 3 month reviews you are in good hands.

    Sending my best wishes