Concern MRI and CT less than 48 hours apart

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A wee bit concerned - both MRI (Wed) 5 pm and CT( Fri) 1pm both with contrast dye, apparently they do this so as to avoid reaction to contrast dye. 

Have any of you had them so close together and had a reaction?   Concerned that am due to travel Friday evening or Sat morning to stay with family as seems like only oppertunity as have appt just after Easter with consultant re tests. 

The thought of visit has boosted me this weekend.  But 3 hour journey.

Once again I think I am reading to much into this possible reaction, but spoke with radiology this morning about MRI and she mentioned reason both done apart.

I know I will face much bigger things than this.  

  • Hi. All you can do is go with the flow. Enjoy your time away. Reactions aren’t common. I can’t remember anybody here reporting one. 


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  • Hi I had mine done in a similar time scale at start of diagnosis so don’t  read anything)ng in to it. . From memory we went in to visit friends and out for tea no reaction at all. Just go with the flow..


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  • I had both very close together, and I was fine, as Dani says just go with the flow. Enjoy your stay with family

  • My last scans were in a similar timeframe and I had no problems.  They use different contrasts in the different machines.  I guess there is always a possibility that you get a reaction to one or other of the contrasts, but I think it is unlikely.  Enjoy your time away and try and put the cancer to the back of your mind.

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  • Hi Lanclassie

    I had both of mine done within an hour of each other last Nov and i was fine. I did query it with the Macmillan nurse and she assured me it is quite save. Hope that puts your mind at rest x

  • Thank you all - it really does ease the anxiety to have people who have been there etc

    Once again thanks everyone

  • Hi Lanclassie,

    I had my MRI and CT done within an hour of each other too and all was fine,


  • I had both of mine within the hour, and all was good - no reaction at all.