3weeks down 1 to go

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Hi I’m 15/20 completed.  So far apart from my well published amount of spit.  I have a really sore throat, and some burning on the top of my right shoulder for what reason I have no idea, as the Area  being treated is 4cm x4 the front of my larynx so nothing’s  drastic bit uncomfortable and im not a fan of the shakes  oh and I have to go have a sleep in the afternoon 

  • Hi Paulmc Good for you stick with it . It does get easier I know at times you do wonder. Just remember there is light  at the end of the tunnel and this time will pass . You have my vote on those shakes but they kept me alive , I have done 30 and 4 chemo , now on chemo till June . All the Best Regards Minmax

  • Cheers one comment from a very king lady on here just let it wash over you.  And it has 

  • Nearly there. Next week will fly by and then you can focus on your recovery.  Sleeping is good.  I did a lot of that from about week 3/4 of treatment and beyond.  I still struggle now with fatigue especially towards the end of the week as I’m back at work full time.  Wishing you well.