1st one done..

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well that went rather well, after a bumpy start.. PEG decided to give off a pink discharge after cleaning 1st thing.. swiftly cleaned up and loosened a tad by radiology head.. a bit of a pressure sore going on, with it being too tight..managed to get Flamagel RT, after explaining my situation, so I can get that without going through GP now.. most helpful, I must admit.. they're working to arrange my start times to fit with my daughter giving me transport..  but a bit of a sore throat though, not helped by my wife deciding to make candles, to while away the time... the smell of resin is just killing me.. oh hum.. apart from that I feel good, in a good mood. ready to eat ham + cheese omelette and chips. plenty of drugs to take tomorrow and next 3 days, and some anti sickness, if I need them... so, onward and upward.. pleased with today, I must admit.

oh, and afterwards, on the way out, I had the opportunity to try something, the name of which escapes me now.. but you stick this cling film covered 'lollipop' on your tongue for 1 min, under your tongue for 1 min, then you place this disc like thing on along your jaw, and lips, all for 1 min.. it is hoped that it reduces the after effects... we shall see, and hopefully I'll get the name tomorrow..