Sore mouth soother ?

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Any ideas of how to sooth a sore mouth? Husband 7 weeks after chemo and radiotherapy for 6 weeks . Tried nebuliser and mouthwash and spray. He needs a barrier gel or something for the roof of his mouth . Ideas greatly appreciated .

  • Gelclair and Caphosol were the ones I used, plus liberal doses of morphine.  I’m not sure you can barrier a moist mucous membrane. 
    Radiation burns take a long time to heal so it’s just a case of being gentle with what the mouth does while keeping nutrition up, especially protein, to aid healing. 


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  •  Hi I used gelclair  on prescr and salt water and baking powder rinse's, did they work the gelclair helped  but as Dani says radiation burns take a long time to heal. Time is the only way I remember my roof of mouth was constantly covered in tiny water blisters and my ti gue ulcers lasted a good 3 months.  E careful with introducing too many new foods I found a few I could tolerate and stuck with those. Poached eggs were one of my go to foods..I was told 2500 calories each and every day I to recover including protein to heal. Plus 2-3 litre of water. 
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  • Hi

    Biotene Gel works for on prescription (Scotland)...along with plenty of hydration.


  • I was given mucosamin as a mouthwash.  It is not on prescription but the hospital had bottles of it as samples.  I used it alongside a salt and bicarb mouthwash.  I am not sure the mucosamin did any good, but it was supposed to promote healing.  I am now 3 1/2 months post treatment and in the last week my mouth has very much settled down and eating it much easier.  I can now tolerate ice cream and hotter drinks as previously I was very temperature sensitive.  I did use Oxetacaine but again it was only mildly effective for a few minutes.

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