Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Neck

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Hi Everyone

I have now been diagnosed with the above. As the primary site is being rather illusive to the doctors, I'm having an op/procedure to try and discover more.

The procedure is a robotic tongue mucosectomy. I was hoping that someone may have had this done already and can answer a few questions?

What is the recovery time? Is it particularly uncomfortable afterwards? Are there any eating or drinking problems?

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!

  • Hi

    I had the same exploratory op on my tongue that you are having - I wasn’t aware of the name of it - so I’ve learnt something new. 
    it wasn’t too bad - my mouth felt sore but I didn’t need mega strong pain relief. I took ibruprofen / paracetamol - they gave me oramorph but I didn’t need it. 
    I was eating and drinking normally after a few days. 
    My procedure identified the type of cancer and that I had a tumour at the base of my tongue - I had lymph nodes up on the right hand side of my neck and had a needle biopsy that identified cancerous cells - hence the op. 

    I hope it all goes well - but from my experience nothing to worry about. 

    if you have other questions happy to answer them