Muscle pain 9 weeks post-treatment

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your responses from my previous post everyone’s input was very helpful! As my dad is 9 weeks post treatment, he is still experiencing muscle pain within the throat of a morning and evening. Is this normal since he’s had treatment, tonsillectomy and a neck dissection? He still needs co-codamol as paracetamol aren’t really doing anything.

  • Yes. Normal. I was on morphine still at 12 weeks. Recovery is slow and unique so tell him to take it easy and not worry. One day at a time 


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  • 10 weeks post and just started neck exercises for pain and stiffness.. treatment is brutal, and side effects can decide to show up at any time..  recovery is going to be a long haul..but remember, the worst of it is over.. 

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  • I am 12 weeks and yes it is normal.  Mine comes and goes for no rhyme or reason.  Often it will change during the day from good to bad.

    Patience, that I really don't have, is key to recovery.  Do everything with the mantra of "little and often" and despite it all each day is a tiny bit better than the last.

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  •  recovery is going to be a long haul..but remember, the worst of it is over.. 

    It is strange how everyone's journey is actually significantly different with a few common threads holding us together. 

    I was in the woods walking the dog this morning and reflecting on my journey and, for me personally, I am finding the recovery vastly more difficult than the treatment.  Maybe that is because I spent 4 years thinking about the treatment and not the recovery and was seduced by the reasonably easy surgical recoveries I've had.

    There is no doubt that I am getting there and grateful that, despite all the trials and tribulations I've encountered, I believe I am getting through this easier than many have.

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  • Good evening abs2809, hopefully after 3 months he should start to see things settling down, its mainly due to the nerves/muscles recovering, i found that the body concentrates on the most important issues during recovery which is why some parts take longer to heal than others, i had a neck dissection and reconstructive surgery involving skin grafts, the donor site for the skin graft took months to recover as the body was concentrating on the neck and other surgery. Well done to your husband in his recovery and your care for him, all the best.

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    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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