larynx cancer

hi all my name is john i am 43 yrs old and last week had my life turned upside down as i was told i have larynx cancer i have a meeting this thursday to discuss my treatment plan at the moment they are discussing on wether i will have a laser operation were they laser it out or 6 weeks 5 days a week of radiotheropy i am quite nervous about this as realy not sure would be the better treatment for me but i guess i will find out on thursday wich 1 i am having i would like to hear from sum1 who has had the laser treatment and the radiotheropy so i can try and get in to my head all will be ok with either option also please let me know how the treatment went and the side affect of the tratment thank you in advance to any 1 that helps me put my mind at rest ty all

  • Hi john43

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, the news certainly does turn your life upside down doesn't it.  I'm glad you've found our group.  Nobody ever wants to have to join of course, but I've found a lot of support and companionship here and I'm sure you'll do the same.  

    I had radiotherapy 6 years ago for base of tongue cancer.  I'm not going to pretend it was an easy time but I eventually got through it and life is pretty much back to normal now.  I've never forgotten the words of someone who welcomed me to this site by saying that treatment can be hard but it's definitely doable.  I think that sums it up very well.  I don't know about the laser treatment but hopefully someone will come along later who can tell you about that.

    It's difficult when we have to decide about treatments.  I found it all very confusing and worrying.  I quickly got to know and trust my Medical Team so I was able to tell them to just do whatever gave me the best outcome.  

    Best wishes for your meeting on Thursday.  Keep posting to let us all know how you are getting on.  xx

    "Life might not be the party we were expecting but while we are here we should dance."

  • hi margaret853

    thank you for the warm iwelcome and i agree it is a forum nobody wants to join but it is a forum that keeps us motivated by how  the encouranging ppl are saying about there cancers and how they have been cured or having the treatment and getting through it im glad that you are now ok and doin good from your recovery it does bring a smile to my  face wen you hear ppl getting back to a normal life after cancer i lost my mum due to cancer 1 and half years ago guess that why i was shocked to hear wen i had it but it is encoraging reading about people who have had cancer and made a full recovery i will keep in touch and ty again john xxx

  • Hi John

    I have had laser surgery so can help you with that one if that is the choice for you.  Think it depends on where it is in the Larynx which option they go for and the hospital etc.  My experience has been positive so far with the laser although I wish they would have explained more generally instead of giving worse case scenario.  I had first surgery on 3rd July was only in hospital overnight and could eat and drink quite well afterwards.  Unfortunately they have not quite got enough margin so am having this repeated next week.  Doctor explained they can do laser up to 3 times, then throw Radiotherapy at it, which can only be done once, worse case is voice box removal.  But when this was first explained it came across that this would be the likely outcome which had me in a bit of a panic.  Positive side is I went back to work after 2 weeks and felt fine, voice does sometimes dip up and down but not enough for most people to notice only those that know me well.

    Good luck with your meeting, remember not to overthink and to get someone to write it all down.  If its laser option and you want any more information feel free to contact me.

    All the best 


  • hi mo ty for the message it has realy helped im trying not to overthink things and trying to keep positive and reading through the forums and having ppl talk back to me with similar illness is very reasuring ty for the info you have gave me and i will keep you informed how i am getting on ty again xx

  • hi margaret853 and mo ok i went to my appoinment on thursday and have been told i have to have the radiotheropy as the cancer has spread to the otherside of my vocal cord so they cnt do laser treatment as it too much of a risk permantly damaging my voice box so i have the journey of radiotheropy i have to have a mask making on wednesday and talk about wen treatment starts but they said it should be 3 weeks from wen they make the mask but they did also say they are 85 to 95% sure they can get rid of it and it only for 4 weeks 5 days a week and not 6 weeks  so all looking good at mo will keep u updated and ty for everything so far :)

  • Hello John

    Shame the laser treatment wasn't a possibility but at least you have a firm treatment plan now so know where you are.  It's all sounding positive, especially that you only need 4 weeks radiotherapy instead of the usual 6 or 7.  

    Hope the mask making goes well on Wednesday.  Mine turned into a bit of a shambles as I'd decided to cheer myself up by wearing full make up.  I ended up resembling a panda because my mascara went everywhere, and it took them quite a while to clean me up!  Apart from that it went fine.  xx

    "Life might not be the party we were expecting but while we are here we should dance."

  • Hi John

    Good luck with the mask making is it tomorrow?  Sorry you have to go through the Radiotherapy but good its only 4 weeks.  I am on second laser resection tomorrow and really hope they get it all or I could be joining you on Radiotherapy which I am really scared of as I panic if held down because I got attacked and held down as a young woman.  Keep us posted of your progress.

    All the best Mo xx

  • hi margaret and mo

    ok i have had the mask made and it realy isnt that bad it just felt like they put a warm towel on my face the worst part of it all was having to wait 15 mins while it set but i will say it does go pretty fast as u can hear  them talking and prodding the mask into place but overall it wasnt to bad and nothing to worry over so all i have to do now is wait for the radio start which should be in about 2 to 3 weeks :)

    mo i hope ur laser treatment goes well and u will be clear im sry to hear wat happened to wen u was young but u have nothing to worry about here there are about 3 people in the room while the mask is being made cameras iare in  the room also so nothing will happen hope all goes well for you xxx

  • Hello John

    I'm pleased to hear the mask making went well.  As you say it just feels like a warm towel on your face, I didn't find it too different to having a facial at the beauty parlour. Yes the worst part for me was trying to keep still while we waited for the mask to set.

    Hope you don't have to wait too long for the radiotherapy to start.  

    Best wishes to you for your treatment, and also to Mo. xx 

    "Life might not be the party we were expecting but while we are here we should dance."

  • The worst part of the mask fitting for me was the tattoo! Nobody warned me but it hurt...not for long though. The positive thing though if you were uncomfortable with the time spent in it is that it's almost certainly the longest period you'll have to wear it; most RT sessions will be considerably shorter and even the periodic "long" ones when they do a scan at the same time won't take so long.

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